LOVE FEST! Dave Neal & Tasha Courtney On Grand Gestures & Being Friends First


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It's Love Fest time! 🎉 Today's couple has been hotly requested for so many months, it's about time we brought them into the Shandy fold for a double date!

Dave Neal, standup comedian and host of the wildly popular Bachelor Nation News Youtube channel, and his fiancée, blogger Tasha Courtney, join us to chat. We learn about the long journey that led to their courtship (complete with a grand gesture or two), how their first impressions have changed, how they navigate working together, and of course, how they FIGHT! Finally, a Dear Shandy Newlyweds Game with the most shocking score to date. Who knows who better? Watch on to find out!

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0:00 - Welcome to Dave and Tasha!

5:17 - How They Met

23:33 - First Impressions And If/How Those Have Changed

28:00 - What Is Different About This Relationship Versus Previous Ones?

30:13 - How Do They Fight?

34:38 - How Do They Navigate Working Together?

36:42 - How Involved Is Tasha In Dave's Bachelor Empire?

41:31 - Is Tasha Surprised By Dave's Youtube Success?

49:16 - Any Beliefs About Relationships That Have Been Changed By This One?

56:04 - The Dear Shandy Newlyweds Game

1:09:13 - Shandy Debrief

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