289: From $60M in Assets to Zero: A Comeback Story with Mike Morawski


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What’s the one thing many people love more than a success story? A comeback story. And today’s guest has a great one.

Today, I’m talking to Mike Morawski. Mike is a real estate investing veteran with over 30 years of experience. He’s the Founder and CEO of My Core Intentions, an author, a real estate trainer, a public speaker, and a personal coach who partners and joint ventures with his students. He’s controlled over $285 million in transactions and has learned many valuable lessons over the years.

After a few years of incredible success and growth, everything changed in 2008 during the economic crisis. This left Mike in a defensive position. He started scrambling and let his guard down with some poor decisions. Ultimately, those decisions led to a 10-year federal prison sentence for wire and mail fraud charges.

So how do you overcome such a terrible time in your life? With resilience and the proper mindset.

In this conversation, you’ll hear how Mike scaled from one 11-unit deal to managing 4,000 units and $60M in assets in under 30 months and how he lost everything. He shares some great insights on how to shift your mindset, get over your limitations, and avoid making critical mistakes that can set you up for failure as an investor–and much more. This is a great, honest episode, and I’m excited for you to hear it!

Key Takeaways with Mike Morawski

  • How Mike turned an 11-unit deal into a 60 and then a 300-unit deal.
  • Why it’s on you–and you alone–to change your mindset and get over your self-limiting beliefs.
  • The mistakes Mike made to go from $60M in real estate to losing it all and going to prison.
  • How to design your buying strategy.
  • The common traps real estate investors fall into.
  • How to underwrite and stress test your deals.
  • How Mike grew way too fast, did too many deals, and lost everything–and how to avoid making the same mistakes he made.

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