123: Dr. Sarah Leahy: Informed Consent for Birth will Restore Health Freedom for All


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Though Dr. Sarah’s primary title is a Doctor of Chiropractic, she is also a fierce advocate for unassisted, free birth. In this interview, Drs. Stan and Sarah cover topics pertaining to both men and women (we’ve all been birthed, after all). Interviews like this contribute to changing the consciousness around birth; you will be better for having listened to this episode. Enjoy!

Dr. Sarah is a chiropractor, birth educator, artist, and mother of 3 boys. After her first birth, an unnecessary c-section, left her with PTSD, depression & anxiety, she decided to freebirth her second son, which completely healed her. She knew she couldn’t be alone in her obstetric abuse & birth trauma stories, so she started connecting with women on Instagram through her account @birthuprising, only to learn how rampant the mistreatment truly is. Through her consults, workshops & handouts she helps women to think critically about their prenatal care & birth, and to realize that there are more options than they're being told.

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