122: Joshua Church: Ultimate Freedom through Cold Exposure and Breathwork


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Dr. Stan has a great time interviewing Josh Church, CEO of Edge Theory Labs, in this high-energy episode. The principles Josh speaks about are completely aligned with everything Future Generations stands for. Listening to and implementing what you hear in this episode will prepare you for whatever challenge comes next - in your own life or in the world. Enjoy!

Joshua Church is on a mission to help high performers stress less and achieve more. Together, he and his cousin built the world’s first “iceless ice bath” with built in filtration, hot-tub mode, and a portable design that fits into a backpack and co-founded Edge Theory Labs. Joshua leads workshops, retreats, and unique experiences to share the mindset, tools, and tactics to help ambitious people operate as happier, healthier, and more successful human beings. Joshua also hosts the Find The Others podcast and is passionate about cultivating growth through community.

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