120: Kevin Muno: From Pastured Beef & Mushrooms to Saving Humanity


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This episode, especially if you are in the San Diego area, is not to be missed! Dr. Stan interviews Kevin Muno, a regenerative beef rancher who oversees 16,000 acres and 420 cows in San Diego county. In this episode, Kevin speaks about how he became a rancher and how regenerative farming practices – and the consumption of regeneratively farmed beef – are so healing for both humans and the planet. Enjoy!

Kevin is the owner/operator of Perennial Pastures Ranch (Southern California and Northern Montana). He oversees all aspects of the business from the grazing and fencing plans all the way to the marketing strategy and farmers markets.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/perennialpasturesranch/

Website: https://perennialpasturesranch.com/


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