115: Dr. Stanton Hom on The Sevan Podcast: How We Know We Have Already Won


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Dr. Stan recently had the opportunity to be a guest on The Sevan Podcast. The interview serves as a beautiful example of something happening throughout the world as a result of the tyranny of the last 2.5 years – people from seemingly very different fields and backgrounds are not only interacting, but collaborating in order to create a better world. We are winning; we have already won. Enjoy this episode!

Sevan is the father of three boys, husband to his wife Hayley, brother to one sister, and son of Armenian immigrants. After spending five years homeless, he spent his time filming movies in one hundred countries, seven continents, and forty-nine American states. As the Executive Director of CrossFit Media, he was a vital part of growing CrossFit from a movement with three-hundred gyms to an organization with fifteen-thousand gyms and an international footprint. During that time, he became educated on health in the United States and now believes that added sugar and refined carbohydrates are at the center of today’s health crisis. He has elite level discipline to work hard and believes at the end of the day: love is the answer.

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