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The people in life that we admire are a direct reflection of the qualities we have within us. Instead of bumbling through life, always waiting till we are ready, let's take a look at some of your, greatest qualities, thoughts and ideas and look within for our true answers. In this week’s episode, I will walk you through steps to find clarity by asking your heart for a clear answer to the thing! It's very clear if we take a minute to ask. I will help you recognize some of the fear that comes up instantly and understand it's just fear, let it go and take action to one thing this week that will help you move forward.

About the Host:

When we are inspired by our own thoughts, we feel a true sense of joy, creativity, and the energy of infinite potential or possibilities that are available to us. Then someone needs a snack and the thoughts have gone. I am here to say YOU matter. My name is Carrie Lecuyer, I am an empowerment coach for moms with a feeling that there is more on their hearts and I want to help you reconnect and re-align with your souls purpose and passion and remain a great MOM.

As a mom of two little boys who love mud, I have visions, goals, ideas, and thoughts. Sometimes they only lasted for seconds, and the rest of the day I spend cleaning up after my kids.

Over the past 20 years, I spent 15 years in a fast-paced career development and personal development environment. I have completed 26 half marathons, crossed the finished line at Ironman Canada, and became a mom. It has been the most amazing journey with so many lessons. I know for a fact that the moment I made a decision, clarity in all directions appeared.

I am here to help you connect with what lights you up, through 1:1 coaching.

You can learn more & connect with Carrie at:


Instagram: Inspiredcoachingbycarrie

Facebook: inspired@inspiredbycarrielecuyer

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