69 Encore Episode: Happy Hour with the AmyWorks Crew


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While Amy and Alicia take a short summer hiatus from recording, we wanted to share this encore episode with our listeners!

If "Let's Talk...Home Repair " had been created only to publish this episode, it would be a worthy endeavor.

This episode is a little different, but in the best way possible . Alicia and Amy welcome 3 special guests: Susan (Construction Estimator), Shannon (Carpenter) and Kayla (Project Manager) all members of the Amyworks team. Rather than listener questions, this week Alicia masterfully guides the conversation around the challenges facing the workforce in construction trades, and more specifically, women within the industry.

Topics discussed: While employment in the trades remain vastly disproportionate, is it worth navigating the known challenges to secure a career if you're not a white man? What benefits are there to this career? How does the education route compare to more other paths to employment? What barriers need to be removed for women entering the trades, and how do we make that happen?

Personal stories from all create a clear picture of the environment women must be willing to tolerate to work within the white, *cishet-dominated working culture.

Our episode concludes on an uplifting note as we hear about their hopes and excitement for their future, and that of the industry.

If you have questions, comments or just want to tell us your story that we can share drop us a line at askamy@amyworks.com.

*cishet - someone who is both cisgender and heterosexual

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