63 Primer on Plywood & Painting a Porch


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Amy gives us all the details on the various types and sizes of plywood. We get a break down for the best uses for each type of plywood. Amy also talks about the difference and application for using melamine, MDF, and OSB. Did you know that you can get better quality from a local store such as Dunn Lumber (in Seattle) vs. buying from your big box stores?

Painting prep for porches when you are doing it yourself. Most house painters are booked up for the summer so these tips will help you complete your DIY painting project!

Gather your supplies: Drop cloths, broom, shop vac, paint scraper, five in one painters tool, wire brush, sandpaper (80 to 150 grit), rubber gloves, paint roller, safety glasses, cleaner such as TSP or an environmentally friendly substitute, exterior grade caulk and filler, extension pole, latex exterior primer and exterior paint. Plan on a couple of coats! Use a door and trim paint for the railings and use a textured paint for the deck. Listen to the full episode for all the steps and tips that Amy includes to prep and paint.

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