62 Summer Hot Weather Tips


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Amy is back!

What should we do to prepare for a hot summer?

Amy tells us about an upcoming ultra white paint that is going to help keep our homes cooler.

Amy has ordered a new tool for cooling small areas of the home to review and will report back to us on how it works. What portable cooling units have you tried and had success with? Send us a note at askamy@amyworks.com.

When considering air quality with upcoming smoke season coming calls for air purifiers. AmyWorks office has been using this quiet air purifier with great success.

Amy gives us some tips on how to keep our houses cool without air conditioning.

Amy and Alicia geek out on remote controlled electrical outlets such as these.

Alicia gives us an update on the bathroom walk through with Kayla. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming potential bathroom remodel.

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