60 Look what's in store for summer home maintenance.


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Amy talks about their recent visit to a co-housing community in Seattle. Grace Kim is an architect and owner of Schemata Workshop that is passionate about co-housing and gave a Ted Talk about the benefits of living in co-housing community.

Summer Home Maintenance Tips:

1. Roof

Make sure all tree limbs are not taking over your roof.


Time to service your heating and cooling system to avoid delays. Consider getting on an annual maintenance plan with your trusted HVAC company.

3. Dryer Vents:

Clean it! Another reminder that this is an important safety measure and will keep your dryer running efficiently. Alicia promises to clean hers no later than September! Email us and tell us if you have done this askamy@amyworks.com and Alicia will sing you a song!

4. Check under your sinks for leaks.

5. Clean your aerators on your sink faucet. This is a simple way to improve your water pressure.

6. Go up in the attic and see if there is any indication of leaking and that the insulation is pulled away from the eaves in order to ensure good airflow. Check for indications of critters!

7. Replace worn cartridges and filters on your sink.

8. GFCI – push the test button with a hairdryer on and make sure it stops.

9. Clean the refrigerator coils and door gaskets. Make sure there is no ice build-up and clean the refrigerator in general.

Listener questions:

Where do I put all my stuff while having my hardwood floors refinished?

Move it all completely out. Rent a pod or put it in a room that isn’t being refinished.

What are some tips for running ethernet cable without using an electrician?

Amy talks about using fish tape to take it behind walls.

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