55 Spiffy home updates under $100


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In this episode, Amy and Alicia talk about home improvements that can be done for under $100!

They answer a listener question about hard-wired smoke detectors. Amy lets us know that smoke detectors only have a life span of about 10 years. Remember to use canned smoke to test your smoke detectors.

Eleven ideas for home improvements for under $100:

1. Embrace the power of decluttering!

2. Take a whole house inventory and write it down. What furniture or items are needed so you aren’t tempted to make impulse purchases? Alicia recommends Any List as an app for your phone.

3. Buy new art! Find yourself something great for $100 or less at an estate sale or consignment shop.

4. Add plants with colorful pots.

5. Hire an interior designer for an hour to help you plan for simple improvements.

6. Create a gallery wall of family photos.

7. Add plug in lighting such as rope lighting as an accessory.

8. Hang sheer curtains to filter light.

9. Add wallpaper to the ceiling in a small room.

10. Replace hardware on furniture or cabinets. Try Second Use or a secondhand store for something unique and less expensive.

11. Add throw pillows, blanket or a new rug that includes an accent color for the room.

Amy reminds us that when doing touch up work especially with painting, to focus on your prep to make it worth it. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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