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Mandy Rennehan is the founder and CEO of Fresh Co. (not the grocery store!), a commercial remodeling company on the east coast and Canada. She is the author of Blue Collar CEO and host of the upcoming HGTV Canadian show, Trading Up. Mandy talks about how she went from being a rookie contractor to a multi-millionaire contractor. She discusses the challenges of entering the trades as a woman in a predominately male dominated industry. Mandy, Amy and Alicia discuss the classist attitudes and stigma that surrounds the trades and what keeps young people from choosing it as a viable career choice.

Trading Up with Mandy the HGTV Canada show releases May 12th which is available to watch in the states on Hulu.

You can find Mandy online at the following places:

Mandy Rennehan | The Blue Collar CEO

Freshco - Retail Maintenance & Construction



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