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In this episode...

Listeners email - “Hi, Angie from Springfield again. Getting caught up on the podcast. Just want you to know I appreciate you both SO much! All the stuff I need to know but was afraid to ask is here. I really loved your episode on to replace or repair. Oh, and the saws… I have to go back and listen to that one and take notes because it is chock full of helpful info.”

Anyway, re: workplace development. Maybe you could hang around hospitals and clinics. I know a lot of nurses who are completely done with nursing right now. They’d probably be open to a whole new career🤣. Jk (not really..).

Amy and Alicia talk about using Ramboard (a special cardboard)as floor protection when having a renovation done. This will protect the floor better than just a drop cloth.

Cleaning that usually doesn’t get done…but should

  1. Washing out the trash and recycling containers
  2. Vacuuming your mattress. Even airing it outdoors in the sunshine can help with musty smells
  3. Wiping down the walls with a Swiffer (or a napkin)
  4. Cleaning your deck but not with a pressure washer.
  5. Washing the dishwasher - clean the dishwasher screen, clean sprayer arm ports, clean the dishwasher door lip, run a cycle with dishwasher cleaner and no dishes or detergent.
  6. Clean the splash guard on the garbage disposal
  7. Clean the chimney. If heavy creosote buildup is present, hire a professional
  8. Clean door knobs and light switches, refrigerator handles and cabinets pulls and remotes. Use alcohol wipes.
  9. Use a little car wax to clean and shine stainless steel appliances.
  10. Clean your keyboard. Compressed air and a cotton swab with alcohol.
  11. Clean the magnetic ports on computers using poster putty.

Alicia recommends checking out "engineering gadgets" on Instagram to see some fascinating inventions.

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