49 Pacific Northwest Women Trade Pioneers


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In celebration of Women in History month Alicia and Amy are joined by three great women from the Seattle area that have forged great careers and businesses in the male-dominated trades industry.

Louise Hansen – owner of Weezee’s Plumbing (www.weezeesplumbing.com)

Catie Chaplin – Residential Carpentry program instructor with Wood Technology Center in Seattle

Alice Lockridge – Exercise Physiologist and advocate of women in physically demanding careers.

The discussion ranges from women being suppressed in the trades, recruiting women and where do we find them, how do women navigate the current environment, and stressing that the trades can be a viable career option for women.

We want to thank Louise, Alice and Catie for joining us and sharing their experiences with you. Please send any questions or comments to askamy@amyworks.com.

This podcast was recorded at The Winterblue Room in Seattle. That is Alicia singing our outro. Check out more of her music at aliciahealey.com.

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