47 IBS 2022 and First Year of Home Ownership


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Overview of the IBS (International Builders Show) 2022. Amy attended the show in Orlando and shares about the huge event and what they experienced.

· Workforce Development – always looking for ways to fill the void in the trades.

· Land development, affordable housing and what is “the missing middle”.

· Modular housing products i.e. SIPs panels (structural insulated panels).

· Virtual reality for new house plan review

· Wall panels that replace tile

· Site scape- this is a design app that you can use on your phone

Things to do in the first year of homeownership

Create a homeowner’s journal with insurance paperwork, maintenance records, inspection report, contacts for electrician, plumber, HVAC and others

Make a list and prioritize.

1. Safety first.

· Change the furnace filter

· Clean the refrigerator coils

· Change the toilet seats

· Smoke detector and CO batteries and test

· Clean the lint out of the dryer vent - clean the lint screen after every load. A dirty lint screen uses about 30% more energy and is a common cause of fires. Doing dryer loads one after the other save energy, when the dryer is still warm. Over drying also ruins clothes and wastes energy.

· Locate the main water shut

· Locate your electrical panel

· Locate the gas meter and attach a wrench to it for emergency shut offs

· Inspect the crawl space and attic

· Test your sump pump

· Replace washing machine hoses with stainless braided hoses

· Flush water heater

2. Organization, maintenance, and remaining unpacking

· Create a sanctuary-one room that doesn’t require much work and you can escape to when the rest of the house gets to be too much.

· Meet your neighbors

3. Non-essentials - improvements and projects you’d d like to complete in a year like landscaping, renovations and large purchases. Live in the house for 12-18 months before doing any major renovations. What you think initially may change after living there for a while.

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