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This week Alicia, Amy and Kayla talk about repairing, replacing, or reusing things around the home. They start with kitchen counter cutting boards. Kayla recommends taking measurements or pictures of the original piece to make sure that the new one is a good fit. This also helps when reassembling an appliance to make sure it all goes back together the same and the screws are in the right place.

Repair or replace the faucet when it starts to drip? And what about cleaning it before replacing any of the parts. Parts are less expensive and if the faucet is of good quality, it may be a better choice than replacing the faucet with a lesser quality new one.

When using how-to videos to learn how to make a repair, watch the entire video before starting the repair to make sure that you are comfortable with the whole repair. Watch more than one for the same repair. Some are better than others.

Cleaning is another thing to consider in order to keep things working well. Taking apart a bathroom fan and cleaning it can help prolong the life and keep the fan quiet.

There’s controversy on what’s considered a quality brush and whether a paint roller should be cleaned or tossed.

Finally, the discussion turns to cabinets and are recycled cabinets a viable option. Kayla and Amy say yes. Paint them and use them in the laundry or your cabin. Maybe just replacing the doors will make the second hand boxes look like new.

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This episode was recorded at The Winter Blue Room in Seattle.

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