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Q&A- Listener from Springfield, MO sent in a question about a three-way level. They want to build a fence and the instructions called for a three-way level and they sent a note asking to explain this a little bit. Hope this helps. Thanks Angela.

Tools/tricks/tips- types of levels

Levels consist if tubes that have water, alcohol, or some other liquid-filled tube with a bubble. There are two (sometimes four lines) on the tubes that when level the bubble rests exactly between the two lines. The four-line levels show the required drop for plumbing drain lines (1/4” per 1’ for pipes 2-1/2” and smaller) to allow for proper gravity drainage.

Carpenter’s Level - comes in 2, 4, 6 and 8 ft. models. Two-foot levels consisting of a wooden or fiberglass body and one or more bubble tubes are generally called carpenter’s level. Typically, such levels are about three inches high and an inch or so deep.

Masonry level - a level longer than a carpenter's level used in laying brick and stone masonry. (Merriam Webster)

Torpedo Level - typical nine inches long with tapered ends. Contains two or three spirit tubes. Works best in tight quarters. Portable and often with a magnetic strip.

Line level - attaches to a string stretched taut.

Water level - length of flexible plastic tubing or hose containing water. Rather than relying on a single bubble, the water level relies on Pascal’s law which, in its simplest terms, states that water always seeks its own level. Can be of virtually any size. Fence posts spread apart.

Laser level - different models and features. Simple level laser line to Bluetooth enabled that will download measurements into mobile app.

Tool subscription service -

Tool Crate - 4-8 items such as quick squares, locking pliers, PPE, saw blades and drill bits. Well-known brands such as DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee. $201..49 plus $10 shipping quarterly

Gangboxed - focused on the professional. $29.99 /month plus shipping.

Cratejoy by The Tool Chest - along with tools and PPE CrateJoy delivers supplies a DIYer uses (and runs out of) regularly, including stain, wood glue, and sandpaper. $59.95/month

The Handy Box - include unique items not found in a standard workshop, such as small screwdrivers for electronics and eyeglasses, wire strippers, a tape dispenser for packaging boxes, an emergency hammer for breaking auto glass, and a power strip that’s bendable to support cords connected to it from all different directions. Bigger ticket items as well such as a full cordless rotary tool kit. $109.95 for 3 months and delivers monthly.

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