37 More Terms - not Alicia's finest hour


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Update on DADU – Amy gives the latest on the Seattle DADU build. Coming right along.

Alicia’s Favorite – Terms relating to anything about the home.

1. Plumber’s putty

2. Pipe dope

3. Adjustable slip nut wrench or spud closet wrench

4. Wainscoting

5. Niche

6. Kelvin unit of measure that relates to the color of a light source - the higher the number the closer it is to replicating bright sunlight

7. J-box

8. Etagere - freestanding or hanging set of open shelves, designed to display trinkets or other decorative objects

9. Bauhaus- (German for “building house”) A style of design that takes its name from an influential German art school that operated from 1919 to 1933. Bauhaus style is defined by simplistic modernism and the concept of “form following function.

  • Lack of ornamentation - simplicity and clean lines
  • Authentic materials- ones that are true to their original form and not altered in any ay steel, glass and organic materials that haven’t been overly worked or manipulated
  • Sleek visuals - polished, smooth lines
  • Flat roofs
  • Geometric accents - lines curves
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Form follows function - In the case of Bauhaus architecture, this can be seen in the affordable, realistic materials that are used, and the fact that mass production (followed by style) served as top priorities.

Amy gives a random statistic on home prices. The national median sales price for homes in October $378,000, in Seattle $783,000. When will it end?

If you have questions or want to add to the list of terms for Alicia’s next go round send us an email at askamy@amyworks.com.

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