32 Where’s the Water Coming From


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Where’s the Water Coming From (part 1)

From the field: Amy shares the woos of homeownership as they talk about the issues and repairs they are discovering in AmyWorks’ new office which was built in 1910. There’s mystery water in the basement, a leaky roof and more! Oh, and there’s the story of the stolen tools and guitar.

Tools/Tips/Tricks: Big tip if you have a stinky bathroom sink and cleaning with vinegar, baking soda, or Drano doesn’t help. Maybe the culprit is the overflow.

Tools – fun accessory attachments for your drill (more than your normal bits)

Garden hole digger attachment to help make planting easier

Scrubbing pads to reduce the elbow grease needed for jobs like shower glass scum

Portable drill guide to help with drill straight holes

Angle adapter to allow a access at 90 degrees to the drill

Flexible attachment that gives even more freedom when faced with weird angles and tight spaces with your drill

Magnetic bit holder that holds the screw and acts as your second hand

Self-centering drill bit when the hole needs to be precise

Nut drivers to speed up the ratcheting action of a socket and socket wrench

Lastly, the only socket you’ll ever need.

Remodeling Advice: Amy talks about large format tiles. Alicia shares a fun home fixit show and an elegant tile layout.

Question: Should I replace my still-functioning, good, Koehler toilets that are 18 years old? Newer toilets have a higher efficiency for saving water. Think about the affects on the public sewage system with reduced water usage, your septic system or your well pump if on a private system and what using less water means.

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