27 Replacing Tiles and Lifting Toilets


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From the Field:

Kayla (of Kayla’s Corner) joins us from the field to talk about some interesting remodeling projects and the some of the ups and downs facing the construction industry at this time. Does your project include windows? Get them ordered sooner rather than later. Also Kayla shares about the Woodworking for Women class now going on at Seattle Central College that she is teaching. Ever seen a twisted shelf?

Question from a listener:

What can be done to replace a cracked tile in the bathroom without replacing the whole floor? This listener is not ready for a full bathroom remodel, check out what can be done to get that tile fixed.


Amy continues with her fascination for finding an easier way to replace toilets. Check out this inexpensive tool called Pick Up Stix that could just do the trick and make a toilet project easier. Then Alicia wants a tool for the install of garbage disposals and Amy describes a nifty tool called Dr. Disposal for the ease of installing the disposal.

Remodeling Advice:

When planning for a remodel project don’t forget to think about and plan for the moving and storage of the stuff that occupies that space now. Whether doing it yourself or hiring a contractor having the space empty will help the project run more smoothly.

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