Ep. 2, The Gacy Tapes, REMASTERPIECE Theater: The Last Piest of the Puzzle


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In this edition of Remasterpiece Theater, we proudly bring to you Episode 2 of the Gacy Tapes: The Last Piest of the Puzzle. In what, for a multitude of reasons, was our most difficult episode to produce, we decided we would intertwine Gacy clips into the narrative , so as to appear Gacy was with us, telling his version of the story as we told ours. That approach made for a monumental task for Darron to go through and clean the tapes, while simultaneously keeping the integrity of the levels of all the components that are used to make up the podcast cohesive. Darron has once again done amazing work, so enjoy.

The disappearance of fifteen-year-old Robert Piest and the furious manhunt that follows.

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