SN 841: Minh Duong's Epic Rickroll - REvil Gone for Good? Tianfu Cup 2021, Patch Tuesday Aftermath


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  • Picture of the week.
  • Windows 11 Watch - Don't update to Windows 11 unless you need to.
  • Patch Tuesday - PrintNightmare fix to fix the previous print nightmare fix that broke other things.
  • Point and Print feature is the problem, not a bug.
  • On Windows 11, installing printers might also fail when using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) in organizations sharing an IPP printer using printer connections.
  • "While Microsoft provided a fix in their September 2021 update, the patch resulted in a number of new management problems."
  • "There were a total of 74 vulnerabilities of various severities fixed with one being a true 0-day."
  • MysterySnail has the potential to collect and exfiltrate system information from compromised hosts.
  • REvil may finally be gone for good.
  • Over 30 Countries Pledge to Fight Ransomware Attacks.
  • $52.1 Billion in ransomware transactions? really?
  • Tianfu Cup 2021.
  • Clipboard Hijacking for fun and profit.
  • LinkedIn to dramatically pare down its offering in China.
  • Closing the Loop.
  • SpinRite.
  • Minh Duong's Epic Rickroll.

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