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Welcome to A Remarkable Thought: A short story podcast to engage your mind and lift your spirit—a production of In a world that runs on 5G, caffeine, obligations, shoulds, shouldn’ts, woulds, and wouldn’ts we’ve created a space where you can relax, laugh and think for yourself. Each week we will bring you a refreshing escape where your mind can wander in a thoughtful story as you visit wonders yet to be considered. At the end of every show, we will leave you with a quality question to ponder. This week's story is being read by Katie M. Reid with our third place fiction contest winner Carrie Cox with her story, Momma Knows Best...

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My best friend Liz and I parked outside Mississippi College to watch their men’s soccer game. Our friend Bo had just made the team and we wanted to support him. Plus, Liz had a humongous crush on him.

It was hot and humid, so we sat behind the goal on the hill under the shade. During the game, Liz turned to me and said, “Do you see #11?” I quickly answered, “Yep. He’s good.”

“He’s fine as wine,” she said with eyebrows up. I chuckled and wondered if she would think the same if we saw him up close. We rarely agreed on much of anything, especially boys.

After the game ended, we decided to wait on Bo to congratulate him and say hi…you know, just to be polite. We hoped he wouldn’t have plans that night so we could hang out...

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