Goldie Gets Grateful


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Welcome to A Remarkable Thought: A short story podcast to engage your mind and lift your spirit—a production of In a world that runs on 5G, caffeine, obligations, shoulds, shouldn’ts, woulds, and wouldn’ts we’ve created a space where you can relax, laugh and think for yourself. Each week we will bring you a refreshing escape where your mind can wander in a thoughtful story as you visit wonders yet to be considered. At the end of every show, we will leave you with a quality question to ponder. This week's host is Jami Amerine with a original story she wrote called, Goldie gets Grateful. Take a beat, take a breath, and listen in!

"Traffic was a beast. The loop was at a standstill. Goldie drummed her fingers on the steering wheel, then rifled through the console of her Camry, looking for… anything. Half of a Cliff bar, an empty container of Altoids, and a licorice sucker. “Licorice sucker, who in their right mind...” She trailed off, recounting the fit her 2-year-old daughter had thrown, after too long at the pediatrician with the despicable reward of a licorice sucker. The fowl compensation clung to the felt lining of the console.

The growl of her stomach wasn’t persuasive enough to convince Goldie to pry the sucker from its landing. Nor was it strong enough to lure her to gnaw on the Cliff bar she’d found repugnant the last time she’d attempted to appease her appetite in traffic. “COME ON!” She bellowed at no one.

“I wish I was a Jedi.” Again, only herself to hear her..."

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