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Welcome to A Remarkable Thought: A short story podcast to engage your mind and lift your spirit—a production of changeyourmindchangeeverything.org. In a world that runs on 5G, caffeine, obligations, shoulds, shouldn’ts, woulds, and wouldn’ts we’ve created a space where you can relax, laugh and think for yourself. Each week we will bring you a refreshing escape where your mind can wander in a thoughtful story as you visit wonders yet to be considered. At the end of every show, we will leave you with a quality question to ponder. This week's story is an original story by Dreams by Suzann Smith read by Jami Amerine

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“Good morning,” Sammie grunted in reply to the entirely too cheerful “Good Morning, Mommy!” she had received from the little pixie who had come to steal her sleep.

“Mommy!” The little creature continued with all the cheer and joy that no one ought to possess before 7am. Pulling on the sheets and blankets, trying to dislodge her still slumbering mother, the eager little cherub raised the volume and the enthusiasm. “Mommy! Let’s make breakfast!”

With a grumbled reply that might have passed for agreement, Sammie rolled herself out of bed and stumbled off to make coffee in vain hopes that the warmth of the coffee would somehow make up for the loss of the warmth of her beloved bed.

As the fog of sleep began to lift, Sammie began to contemplate her day. As was often the case, she tried to push aside her thoughts of what she should be doing with her day, her life. The thoughts poured in, unbidden, the moment she rose from her bed each morning. She tried not to stare at the giant elephant in the room.

No. Like literally, the giant stuffed elephant her eldest daughter had dragged home from somewhere so many years ago and that had been hugged and loved by first one child, and then another until its neck was broken and floppy from so much mauling.

That elephant, who had so carelessly been left out at bedtime last night, was a metaphor, Sammie thought, for her own mauled and broken spirit. Years of life’s circumstances had pulled and tugged at her dreams and plans until her spirit was bent over and hanging, unable to rise to the occasion, looking worn and pathetic.

What had become of her life? Her dreams? What even were her dreams? Did she even have any dreams? She once had, hadn’t she… That career, that marriage, those children. She had, in fact, had those dreams. Years ago....

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