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In this episode, I chat with Natalie Allport, an athlete, creator and mental health advocate. Natalie is a former Canadian team & world tour snowboarder, competitive CrossFit athlete, and lifelong creator & entrepreneur. Natalie hosts the ‘ALL IN with Natalie Allport’ podcast, and is a passionate advocate for athlete mental health. Natalie believes in creating the content you want to see in the World, and creates / speaks on training, sports, mindset, mental health, fitness, gender equity, body image, wellness and more. This podcast is sponsored by Deep Social Brands, a personal branding agency that blows up our clients on TikTok & Instagram Reels. We focus on helping 7 figure + founders looking to leverage social media to build their personal brand. If this is you, head over to to schedule a call with me this week! It’s Not That Deep is also sponsored by Brain.FM, an app that curates functional music, scientifically proven to help you focus better, sleep better, meditate, and get in 'the zone.' No joke, I use this app every day of my life so if you're looking to unlock a better version of yourself, head over to or just use my coupon code DEEP20 to save 20% off your subscription. Here's 2 ways you can help the podcast grow! Leave a Rating and review HERE Share it on social media and tag me Enjoy this episode and just remember, It's Not That Deep

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