The When and Why of Hiring a CFO For Your Business


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Shondra Washington is an emerging fund manager, investment banker and co-founder of TBC capital, an education-first advisory and consulting firm focused on fractional CFO’s business development and strategy services for venture-backed companies and small business owners.

She is now the CEO of Black@. With her experience in finance and advising startup founders on their fundraising strategy, Shondra joins the WorkSmart podcast to share her wisdom and tips for other entrepreneurs. Working capital, GAAP, Controllers and more: We walk through some of the basics of financial vocabulary and talk about why it's important to dive head in and make sure that you understand the basics of your business's finances. We’ll also get into the nitty-gritty of understanding your cash flow, pricing yourself and why having up-to-date financials is crucial.

You’re going to want to listen – and take notes.






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