1776 Unites: Uplift, Agency, and America's Promissory Note


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In an age marked by racial division and political polarization, what visions and ideals can Americans share? When our national history is for many a source of shame rather than pride, how can Americans find a way forward to prosper and thrive—together? And when many thinkers and activists emphasize historical grievance and victimization, who can offer a more positive perspective without ignoring the injustices of the past?

AEI's Academic Programs hosted a recent panel conversation on the 1776 Unites movement, a non-partisan and intellectually diverse alliance of thinkers, writers, and activists offering important answers to these questions by tackling some of America’s biggest educational, cultural, and economic challenges. We were joined by AEI’s Ian Rowe, the University of California, Berkeley’s Janice Brown, Glenn Loury of Brown University, and Wilfred Reilly of Kentucky State University.

You can also watch the conversation here.

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