539: Nite Nite . . . - An All Around the NBA Playoffs: Championship Edition, w/ the Guru, Gabe Goldfield - The Roundup Podcast


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On today’s show, it’s time to wrap up another NBA season, and we’ve got home court advantage talking about this one, as our Golden State Warriors win their 4th ring in 8 years in what very well may be the team’s crowning achievement in the Steph Curry era. The Celtics flexed early and their advantages in size and athleticism seemed to many to be too much for Golden State to handle. But in the end, the championship pedigree of the Warriors proved to be the difference, as the team made all the necessary defensive adjustments to neutralize the Celtics’ attack and Steph put the team on his back. Maybe it was enlightenment for the doubters, maybe it’s a middle finger to the haters, but the baby faced assassin put everyone on notice; do not doubt Wardell Stephen Curry. He’s a little man in a big man’s game, he’s friendly and unassuming and humble, but when it comes down to will to win and big game chops, and pardon the blasphemy here, what he showed us was vaguely reminiscent of that rarified Jordan air. The results? 4 rings, 2 MVP, All NBA, All Star, Finals MVP, nothing left to prove, but let’s put the legacy talk to bed for now, he’s not even done yet. Dude’s 34 years old and still going strong and if there’s one thing you should have learned about #30 by now, it’s to never doubt the heart of a champion. This Warriors team is loaded with young talent, that rare example of a team winning now while building for the future, and I fully expect him to be a part of it for years to come. And how lucky are we for that? So sit back, the Warriors dynasty is back on top of the basketball world and we’re breaking down how it’s all unfolding, next on the Roundup Podcast so let’s get rolling . . .

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