Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results Interview - Dr. Roger Parrott


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Are you overthinking your long-term goals and missing your God-given opportunities? In this interview Phil Cooke talks with author Dr. Roger Parrott about his new book, “Opportunity Leadership – Stop Planning and Start Getting Results.” Find out how to measure opportunities for your best match and facilitate the ability to respond quickly.

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*More About This Episode* Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results Interview - Dr. Roger Parrott

Don't create change. Capture it. Dr. Roger Parrott’s book “Opportunity Leadership—Stop Planning and Start Getting Results” shows leaders how unexpected opportunities are the key to your success. Parrot offers six traits to focus your leadership outlook and capitalize on untapped opportunities. With an Opportunity Leadership mindset, you'll see God-directed results like never before.

About Roger Parrot - Dr. Roger Parrott is one of America’s most experienced university presidents, leading Belhaven University, a doctoral-level institution, highly regarded as one of only 36 schools in the world working at the highest level of collegiate Arts programs. Belhaven was named in 2021 to “Best University to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Roger was recognized as one of the “The 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders of 2021” by Education Magazine.

For a quarter-century he served in board leadership roles with Lausanne Movement and The Mission America Coalition and was chairman of the 2004 Forum for World Evangelization. He is the author of Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results, and The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.

Get “Opportunity Leadership – Stop Planning and Start Getting Results” here: https://amzn.to/3jZ9MFk

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