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I had a great time on the podcast with the motivating & inspirational Kelly Altschwager. Kelly has a very innovative way of fitness training riders to improve there riding & horsemanship skills.

After years in the performance horse world and fitness industry, I noticed a common recurring trend; the majority of horse owners and competitors were investing incredible amounts of time and money on their horses’ training, feed, tack and overall wellbeing… but they weren’t doing the same for themselves.

Contributor & Rider Fitness Specialist for NRHA “The Reiner” magazine, Horse & Rider Magazine & Horse & Rider OnDemand.

The Western Workouts experience is rooted in one-on-one coaching and customized programs, not the traditional step-and-repeat, cookie cutter plans you may be accustomed to. Instead you’ll receive a blueprint for building confidence and success in all aspects of life.

Every Western Workouts program is built on a framework of proven strategies & personalized solution creation designed to support individual objectives, in and out of the saddle. Each program is specifically customized to the individual client’s needs.

Contact Kelly directly to further to start the application process, discuss your goals & begin the Western Workouts experience.





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