Episode 192 Coy Melancon / Working Ranch Cowboy / Contestant On Season 3 Of The Ultimate Cowboy Showdown…


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Had a great time on the Podcasts with Coy Melancon, a working ranch Cowboy & Contestant on INSP's Ultimate Cowboy Showdown...

When a renowned cowboy like Cash Myers tells you that you have what it takes at the tender age of 12, as he did to Coy Melancon, you don’t quit. Using the life-changing encouragement as a driving force for success, Coy dedicated his life to being the best cowboy he could be. As a competitive roper, this Texas native has taken home over 35 buckles and cash prizes totaling $200,000. Learning the art of the cowboy way took him on adventures through rural Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. These days, Coy bounces back and forth between 20 different ranches lending a hand as a dayworker.





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