The Truth About Labels and Titles


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It's common for people to attach labels and titles to each other. These are often a reflection of how we see each other or the significance and social/ relational status we have ascribed to each other. These days, it seems as if the introduction of new labels is increasing. Whether positive or negative, these labels have the potential to shape how we view ourselves and set expectations for ourselves and others. In the need to be accepted and recognised, many not only adopt these titles and labels, they live in pursuit of them. With life becoming almost a performance to be validated. The danger lurking here is that true identities can become blurred as individuals become engrossed in 'doing' and not 'being'. As believers, some of the fundamental questions to be pondered are: Are the labels and titles you're aspiring to, a reflection of your true identity?

By adopting these titles, who are you giving authority to define you?

What really is the meaning behind these titles? Do they have a Biblical reference? are they recognised by heaven?

Would God use these same titles to introduce you?


These are some of the questions we examined during this Couch Conversation with Pastor Valerie Charles Chike Nezianya, co-pastor of the Cornerstone African House of Praise, Singapore.

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