Even When We Feel Invisible Or Forgotten...God Sees Us


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Even When We Feel Invisible Or Forgotten...God Sees Us She answered God by name, praying to the God who spoke to her, “You’re the God who sees me! [El Roi] “Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!” (Genesis 16:13) It's the only time we see God referred to by this name in the Bible, which speaks to how profoundly intimate and personal the encounter was. Here it was that Hagar, a mere maidservant, despised and overwhelmed with despair, has an encounter with God that helps her recognise that no matter how invisible or insignificant she may be to the world, God still sees her. Our guest this week, Ms. Joanna Hioe, has a conversation with our host - Kareem O J Lee, about her own intimate encounters with The God Who Sees Us. She highlights how, just as in the days of Hagar, God is still touched by our individual struggles, and intentionally comes alongside us with care and compassion, even in the obscure places.

Joanna Hioe is a creative from Singapore, who has been uniquely crafted by the Creator. Having experienced God's transforming love, she seeks to express His wonders through words, songs, and videos. She is currently pursuing a PhD focused on disaster management. She loves a good adventure! ______________ Our mandate at Hummingbird Journeys is to create safe spaces where women heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and are equipped and emboldened to live victorious, impactful, Christ-centered lives.

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