Ep01: Valerie Nezianya - Intentionally Pursuing Purpose


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Living in the full knowledge of God's ordained purpose for our lives is the greatest sense of fulfillment that we could ever have as Christians. Otherwise, life is meaningless and has no eternal value. I have learnt that to live in my purpose is to live each day of my life completely focused on doing those things God created and equipped me for and daily enables me to accomplish, by His grace. It is primarily about impacting lives with the good news of Our Lord Jesus Christ through a channel God has entrusted you to use and becoming a God’s vessel for the divine purpose of demonstrating His unconditional love. This is not self-ambition, but rather living selflessly for the purposes of God. This is an unmerited favour of God, a huge privilege, and a level in life to be greatly desired.

I therefore invite you to join us for this first episode of Couch Conversations by Hummingbird Journeys as we share our hearts and journeys with you. We trust that by God's grace, you too will shortly begin your own journey to discovering and fulfilling God's purpose and will for your life, in Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

~ Valerie Nezianya

Pastor (Mrs.) Valerie Charles Chike Nezianya is our podcast guest this week, speaking to us about what it means for a woman to Intentionally Pursue Purpose.

Pastor Valerie is recklessly and wholeheartedly in love with Jesus! And has been called to nations and separated for an end-time purpose. She is passionate about proclaiming the good news of the Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, and about her ministry to women and families. She currently co-pastors the Cornerstone African House of Praise in Singapore with her beloved husband, Charles. She is an author, a banker, and a highly blessed mother of two double-portion children, Zachary and Juanita.

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