Couch Conversations by Hummingbird Journeys Ep10: Are you authentic? - with Tasha Glover


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Are you authentic? are you living an authentic life?

Our guest this week, Mrs. Tasha Glover, asked us some tough questions when she sat with us for a couch conversation. We spoke about identity and authenticity and how to live a life that remains true to both of these.

Tasha highlighted that we need to have a revelation of Who God is, for us to truly know who we are! Quite importantly, this woman of faith reminded us that our purpose in life is to please God by staying tuned in to what He is saying and walking in alignment with His greater plan. We are not made to fit into other people's molds!

This episode challenges us to ask and answer some tough questions. Discovering the answers is truly liberating though!


About Our Guest

In Tasha's words:

"I'm a wife of 11 years and a homeschooling Mom of 3 kiddos. I simply operate in whatever authority my Father releases to me. It looks different in each season of my life. In this season, I am CEO of Tech with Tasha a branding and digital marketing agency where I get to lead a team of spirit-led creatives and introduce the world to the results of branding and marketing with Grace and Excellence. I am Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Certified and facilitate experiences that lead to encounters with Holy Spirit through training, mentoring, and strategy as a Wisdom in Business Strategist.

I support the entrepreneur who feels a faith tug into something so big it takes the wisdom of God and Kingdom collaboration to get it done. God has given me wisdom to partner in helping point His people to His heart and to remind them of the access they have to His wisdom."

Follow Tasha on IG and Facebook: @TechwithTasha

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