Couch Conversations by Hummingbird Journeys Ep08: Healing After Heartbreak - with Marisha Stewart


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Healing After Heartbreak

When women love, we love hard. Understandable, because we were created to nurture and care. We give all of our self into the relationships we engage, and when these relationships break, it hurts us to the very core. In this episode we speak about the effect failed relationships have on women. We examine the emotional trauma a women experiences on account of a failed relationship and how she is deeply changed by this.

Reverend Doctor Marisha Stewart joins us this week to discuss Healing after Heartbreak. Using the benefit of her own experience and the Word of God as a guide, we examine the healing journey and its different stages. Listen as we examine why it is important for a woman to rediscover herself and learn to live again; exploring how she can be liberated from the bondage of guilt, regret and shame.

Our prayer is that this episode will help you to foster courage and overcome fear, that you will be stirred to begin birthing new desires, reclaim purpose, and begin to live again.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Stewart received her Master’s degree in School Counseling with a specialization in Mental Health from Gallaudet University and in 2011 her PhD in Human Services with specialization in Counseling from Capella University.

In 2019, Dr. Stewart became a licensed minister at Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church while at the same time God was doing an inner work on the ministry she wanted to birth called “Lioness Queen.” The ministry’s mission is to help encourage women who are stuck and still struggle with the emotional trauma of separation and/or divorce. Her goal is to help women become “residue free.” Rev. Dr. Marisha Stewart is determined to help women realize that the separation/divorce had a purpose and it is the quality of their thinking that dictates whether the divorce is a blessing or a curse.

Follow Rev. Dr. Marisha Stewart and her ministry “The Lioness Queen”

Instagram and Facebook: @lionessqueen/@revdrlionessqueen

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