Bridge Episode: Kareem Lee - The Heart Behind Couch Conversations


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In this release, our host - Kareem Lee shares the heart behind Couch Conversations.

Kareem highlights the importance of creating safe spaces where women heal emotionally, grow spiritually, and receive information and support which emboldens them to live victorious lives in Christ. She discusses the gap in Christian dialogue and how safe spaces and transparent conversations are tools to dismantle the enemy's strategy of leveraging guilt and shame.

Kareem also gives a preview of two upcoming series that are soon to be launched here on the Couch Conversations podcast:

Series One, Keys to the Kingdom; an educational series which encourages women to understand the authority they have been given in Christ, complete with practical teachings to make it easier to apply to daily life.

Series Two, In HIS Eyes; a three-part inspirational series which stirs women to see themselves the way God sees them. This series examines matters of self-esteem, overcoming inferiority complexes, breaking cycles of failure, and recognising and addressing toxic relationships.

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