The Best Place to Work- Creating a Culture Built On What Is Right and Beautiful


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My guest on this show is Ryan Barton, CEO of Mainstay Technologies, an Inc 5000 fastest growing company and one of the “Best Places to Work” for 4 years running. Ryan has built a strong culture of truly engaged employees, where they have had virtually zero turnover in the last few years, despite “the great resignation” we are currently facing. It takes massively purposeful leadership to create this type of allegiance. Ryan and I talk about a lot of impactful topics in this episode including tying your spirituality into your business, developing leaders and creating a culture that proves to employees how much they are truly cared for. If you are someone who wants to own, start or lead a business in a way that is so much more than just making a profit… listen to this podcast. Ryan shares actionable ways to impact lives in a significant way so you can build a team of people that are highly engaged, happy and fulfilled.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The core value of Ryan’s business that created the foundation for a compassionate culture
  • How to build a company that creates true value for employees
  • How to scale mindfully to protect your employees and your customers
  • Creating careers that double as vehicles for personal growth
  • Aligning your spirituality with your business
  • Ryan’s top resources for personal development and making a positive impact
  • What happens to life when you prioritize alignment to what is right and beautiful
  • The key ingredients for leaders in creating trust in their people
  • The impact of showing up as your whole self in your career.
  • Building emotional competence to further your growth
  • Using engagement to improve performance


Ryan Barton is the founder and CEO of Mainstay Technologies, a NH based technology services firm. Mainstay believes technology and business can be powerful forces for good. The company measures its success by its impact on people: Its clients, team, and community. It has received multiple awards, including Best Companies to Work For, Business of the Year, Inc 5000, Business Excellence, and the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. Ryan is a husband, father of three, and an insatiable reader. He loves to write and share about the relationship between our work and meaning.





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