Family Business Lessons from Johannesburg South Africa with Tsitsi Mutendi


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There is so much we can learn from folks outside of our daily norm, who have different life experiences and different cultures. That is one of the reasons I invited Tsitsi Mutendi onto this episode. Tsitsi is a 3rd generation family business owner who lives just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. Some of her experience includes fashion creative director, a media professional, and editor-in-chief. She grew up in a family business, studied abroad, and now owns a legacy planning business. She is also involved with African family firms and owns a Montessori school.

Tsitsi is considered an expert in helping family businesses and rightly so. In this show we talk about how our mindset, life experience model of the world impacts how we make decisions and how we show up around the family. We also talk about the idea of governance and why it's important to protect the legacy of the business. This episode is full of valuable wisdom for every family business.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The values that come from growing up in an entrepreneurial family
  • Tying community service into your business
  • How the African idea of family differs from the West and how it impacts relationships
  • The the core values of a family business vs public sector businesses affect decision making
  • Getting back to the basics of personal relationships between businesses and consumers
  • Protecting the legacy of your business during succession
  • What IS family governance and why it’s important
  • Simplifying family governance to be attainable and impactful
  • Identifying when the Next Gen is ready to take on the full responsibility of the business
  • Why you should be thinking further ahead than the next generation
  • Creating space within a family for deep listening
  • Why giving your children abundance of resources isn’t enough
  • How coping mechanisms can become toxic if not given the proper attention



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