Ensuring Work Benefits People and Planet Equally - With Rebecca Hamilton of Badger Company


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Rebecca Hamilton is the Co-CEO of Badger, an organically based skin care company. Badger is a top “Impact 150 company”that has earned numerous awards for their progressive nature. One of the key take-aways from this episode was their ability to own core values at a very high level and transition them to the business. Rebecca also discusses how they manage decision making as a family so that everyone can be heard and buy in, even though some may disagree. The strategies you will hear are insightful and worth the listen even if you do not have a family business.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  1. The story behind Badger
  2. How a families values can co-exist with the products it creates
  3. Why “kindness” plays a role in a companies value system and employee engagement
  4. A daily strategy to build cohesion
  5. A very unique decision making process any team could use today
  6. How fostering feedback from all departments, cultivates an open forum that makes all parties feel heard
  7. Creative ways they pivoted during the pandemic and kept core values
  8. Why finding guidance to help navigate family business relationships concurrently is crucial


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Co-CEO (Collaborative Executive Officer)

2nd Generation Family-Owner

W.S. Badger Company

Rebecca Hamilton is a second-generation owner and co-CEO (Collaborative Executive Officer) at Badger, a natural and organic personal care manufacturer known for its unique company philosophy, pioneering family-friendly benefits, and B Corp community engagement. The Company has received numerous awards and recognition, including Real Leaders, New Hampshire’s Business of the Year 2019, B Lab’s Best for the World, and landing a spot on Forbes’ Small Giants list.

In addition to her role as Co-CEO, Rebecca leads marketing and sustainability initiatives. An advocate for issues concerning the environment, ingredient transparency, and societal change, Rebecca has spoken at the White House, addressed the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in support of organic and regenerative agriculture, testified before Congress on safer cosmetics and raising the minimum wage, and attended Senate and House briefings on Capitol Hill in support of family-friendly workplace practices and chemical reform. Rebecca also spearheaded the passing of Benefit Corporation legislation in New Hampshire, a for-profit status that incorporates the pursuit of positive environmental and social impact in addition to profit.

She is currently serving a three-year appointment to the National Women’s Business Council, a nonpartisan federal advisory committee comprised of women business owners, policymakers, bankers, representatives of women’s business organizations, and other stakeholders. The Council is charged with discussing potential solutions to the challenges facing national women business owners and recommending solutions to the administrator of the SBA, Congress, and the President.

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