S1 E5: How To Use Brain Science To Improve Your Practice With Chris Abeyta


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We are making decisions every day of our lives. It can be small things like what we eat for lunch, or something more heavy like who we trust our life savings to. Even though everyone has a different way of arriving at a decision, we all contain chemicals in our brains that influence the choices we make.

Today, Karl talks to Chris Abeyta about the concept of Brain Science and the positive results that his practice has gained from using this method.

About Chris Abeyta: Chris actually launched into the financial services industry after getting laid off. Finances were an interest of his for a long time, but this obstacle set his dream into motion and inspired him to work for himself. Chris is one of the owners who helped launch Accelerated Wealth, and is also the author of Retirement Confidence In An Uncertain World.

What we discuss on this episode:

3:56 - How Chris Got In The Business 6:46 - Retirement Confidence In An Uncertain World 14:24 - Transition To Assets Under Management 16:31 - One Of The Greatest Benefits 19:05 - Brain Science 25:01 - The Checklist 29:49 - Results On Closing Ratios & Bottom Line 33:40 - Engagement Letter 35:54 - How To Attract Higher Net Worth Clients 38:24 - How To Get Started With Brain Science 41:19 - History With FIG 42:48 - Chris’s Life Lessons

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