S3 E11: Tax Planning with the Power of Zero


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Over the past 20 years, David McKnight has helped put thousands of Americans on the road to a zero percent tax bracket and has received national recognition for his work.

He mentors hundreds financial professionals across the country who specialize in the Power of Zero retirement approach, and if you’ve spent anytime in this industry, you’ve likely seen or heard him discuss this program he’s built.

Today he joins the show to share his journey, explain his philosophy on taxes, and break down the trajectory our country is on in terms of tax rates.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why a speech from President Bill Clinton sparked his interest in debt and launched this journey. (3:32)
  • David’s definition of the Power of Zero and what it means to him. (8:27)
  • Why it’s so important to take advantage of the historically tax environment in and how you do that. (12:23)
  • The role that life insurance plays in the Power of Zero plan.(17:32)
  • Annuities have been a great tool for guaranteeing income in retirement but be careful not to make these mistakes.(25:13)
  • How an advisor can get involved in his program if they’re interested. (35:55)
  • The relationship FIG and POZ have shared through the years. (37:30)
  • What’s the most important thing David thinks advisors should focus on. (39:06)

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