Ep 30: Leadership Learned Through a Decorated Naval Career


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Today we’re taking a break from the financial services industry and turning our attention to leadership. There aren’t many places where you’ll find better examples of this than our military, where officers are some of the best leaders in the world.

Let us introduce you to Navy Commander Charlie Hoover. From Navy flight instructor to commanding officer, Hoover’s incredible journey is one to be celebrated and recorded, which we will do on this episode. Find out what it was like to land a jet on an aircraft carrier, what it took to be awarded high honors in the Navy, his two favorite flight stories, and lessons in leadership.


1:41 – Welcome Charlie

2:51 – Favorite fishing story

4:21 – Journey to earning Navy wings

17:25 – Flight instructor in Penscola

19:34 – First solo flight on aircraft carrier

24:52 – Night landing

27:40 – Becoming a great leader

30:12 – Differences between props and jets

33:43 – Winning the Naval Battle “E” Award

37:55 – Two favorite flight stories

43:02 – Hoover shares a life lesson



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