S1 E2: Leading A Life & Business With Integrity - A Chat With Bill Cain


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We invite our first guest to the show Bill Cain. Bill founded Financial Independence Group, Inc (FIG) in 1976. He wanted to help financial professionals find success in their practice, while also fostering a healthy work culture driven with integrity. Throughout this conversation, Bill talks about some of the challenges he's had to overcome throughout the years, the importance of how you treat other people, and many more life lessons he's learned along the way.

Key Moments:

3:27 - Building & Maintaining A Culture

4:30 - What Keeps Bill Coming To Work Instead Of Retiring

6:04 - Art Facility

8:41 - How To Handle The Volume Of A Growing Business

10:03 - How The Insurance-Based Landscape Changed

13:49 - What Were Some Of The Biggest Challenges?

17:26 - Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

18:46 - Regulation In The Industry

20:54 - Transition Of Leadership

26:18 - What Business Decision Would Bill Change?

2838 - Preparing Clients For What’s Next

31:26 - Being Prepared In Business & In Life

33:56 - What Integrity Means To FIG

35:50 - Making Decisions With Integrity

36:42 - Bill’s Life Lessons

43:44 - Change Is Inevitable

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