S2 E8: Video Marketing with Greg Prinz, Founder of Chapter One Films


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As advisors, we often don’t have the time, money, or expertise to focus on marketing and branding as much as we’d like to. But you still have a story that needs to be told. Today, we are joined by Greg Prinz, the owner of Chapter One Films, to tell his story and how he’s helping advisors use video in their marketing strategy. He specializes in branding and storytelling, allowing advisors to connect with their target audience and expand their reach.

A few years ago, Greg moved to North Carolina and started his business, Chapter One Films. He brings marketing ideas and strategies to the table, without putting creative pressure on advisors. On today’s episode, we’ll discuss how Greg is using video to help small advisors differentiate themselves in the market, how his process works, and how video can play a role in your business.

Get additional information: https://bit.ly/3eOFKOV

More about our guest: https://chapteronefilms.biz/

What we discuss today:

2:05 – What is his favorite sports team?

3:05 – Helping his father’s business with video

6:56 – Greg’s background and how he got into film

9:12 – How did Chapter One begin?

11:47 – The challenge of branding a small business

15:56 – How does the video branding process work?

21:01 – Traveling to an advisor’s location

22:11 – What goes into editing and why is it important?

26:35 - How should we leverage videos?

30:00 – A life lesson: your story is valuable

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