S2 E7: The Value of Life Insurance


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Life insurance is a quickly evolving asset for our clients. From death benefits to tax-free sources of income, how can you implement life insurance into the services you offer?

You're busy maintaining your business and keeping up client relations, that's why we have people like Andrew the VP of Life Insurance on Karl's FIG team to help you along the way. He understands the products, tax processes, and changing laws and litigations surrounding life insurance. It can certainly be a differentiator in your business. Join us as we discuss the history of life insurance, its tax implications, and the benefit it has for your clients.

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More about our guest: https://www.teamhoover.figmarketing.com/team-members-1/andrew

What we discuss today:

2:48 – Favorite college football team

3:35 – Favorite NFL team

6:18 – His journey in the financial industry

8:51 – How has life insurance changed?

18:19 –7702 revision

21:03 – Life insurance as a differentiator

25:12 – Benefits to those in retirement

27:56 – Tax mitigation for clients

30:10 – Premium financing

32:43 – Advanced strategy team

35:09 – How medical works

38:52 – Enjoy the moment

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