Kyle Chalmers, Rob Woodhouse Discuss ‘Jackpot Loss‘ to Energy Standard


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For the first time in the history of the ISL, jackpot points decided the winner of Match 8, favoring Energy Standard over the London Roar. If the jackpot points are removed then the London Roar would have actually beaten Energy Standard by the narrow margin of 11.5 points. Neither team received enough penalty deductions to sway the outcome, and their checkpoint points nearly even out.

Until Match 8, jackpot points had only affected the outcome of Match MVPs, but now their value to overall team standings is on display. A point brought up by Barry is that every time 4 or more swimmers get jackpotted, the winner of the race is now up 19 points, more than 2 individual wins. These point swings could affect how a team builds its roster, preferring big stars to a team with depth.


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