How The Immune System Connects Body and Mind With Dr Jenna Macciochi


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Dr Jenna Macciochi is an immunologist who has recently published her first book - Immunity - the Science of Staying Well. In this book she brings her 20 years experience and education to bare - breaking down how our lifestyle interacts with our immune system and the impact this has on our health.

At a time when our immune system has never been more important - I have brought Jenna onto the podcast to really examine the emerging and vital role - in the body mind connection. And how we can use this to our advantage.

On this episode we cover

  • What the immune system actually is
  • How this interacts with our nervous system
  • The impact of stress. And how this can actually HELP us!
  • The role of inflammation. And how this may be affecting our mental health.
  • How loneliness impacts our ability to fight viruses - including Covid


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